Top 10 Signs That It’s Time To Own Your Own Home

  1. You’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage payment, and start building wealth of your own.
  2. You could use the property tax and mortgage interest deductions.
  3. You want a vested interest in your community.
  4. It’s mid-August and you can no longer tolerate waiting for your landlord to send someone to fix your air conditioner.
  5. You are working at a job where you won’t leave the country every other year.
  6. You want to provide your family with a sense of stability and plant roots.
  7. There are more than twice as many people as bedrooms in your current residence.
  8. You want to paint the walls of your bedroom any color you please.
  9. You are tired of saving all your quarters for the laundromat.
  10. When you say you are “going home,” you want to really mean it!

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