Our Funny and Crazy Dog Jodie

March 23rd, 2012 by

Is it true that dog’s and bees smell fear? We’ve had Jodie for almost 7 years and by now you would think she would slow down, sleep a lot and always eat. Oh no, not our Jodie Girl! Jodie is a rescue dog from The Lost Dog and Cat Foundation. Nela and I started looking at dogs online and considered contacting local breaders but felt better going through a rescue foundation was the better choice.

While enjoying our glass of wine Jodie gave us the entertainment we needed after a long day. Af first we were hesitant on letting her jump around and chase the bee but after a few minutes it was clear she would be unable to jump the heights needed to catch the bee. Through her hard efforts it’s clear that Jodie has successfully entered the “Catch the Bumble Bee Club!’ It doesn’t help that we have 2 large holly bushes at the edge of our fence and deck that attract all kinds of bees.

Yes, I know, Jodie could be allergic and will always keep that in mind but until her bee catching skills improve we’ll allow her to have fun and bee a dog.



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